With the fast-paced technological environment we have today, YourHealthRecord provides a high-quality electronic health record of your personal and health information that is presented in an organised, secure and sophisticated format.


  • Collects and organises personal and health information including doctors and other health professional appointments, medical and surgical interventions, and hospital admissions.
  • Gathers clinically relevant information such as family medical history, allergies and immunisations.
  • Allows storage of important health documents and reports as well as clinical and radiologic images.
  • Empowers users to self-monitor their own health by actively participating in their own health management.
  • Allows health information to be displayed and/or printed for a quick assessment of health practitioners.
  • Purposely free to sign-up and no financial attachment in having your own web-based personal health record.

YourHealthRecord has been designed and produced by WWW Machealth, a subsidiary of the Australian owned Macquarie Health Corporation Pty Ltd.

WWW Machealth’s vision is to provide better quality and safety of healthcare by assisting individuals to empower themselves to have a greater understanding and involvement in their family and own medical information.

It has been developed by the collaborative work of IT and medical experts. The site is continually maintained and developed by a number of medical professionals including:

  • Dr Thomas Wenkart (MBBS, MPH, FAIM)
  • Dr A Talebi MD
  • Dr A Tahayori MD
  • Dr M Narag (MD, MPH, MHM)

About Macquarie Health Corporation Pty Ltd

Macquarie Health Corporation Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned company that has more than 60 years of experience in the delivery of healthcare services.

From owning and operating a large number of private hospitals across Australia through the corporation’s subsidiaries, Macquarie Health Services and Independent Private Hospitals of Australia, to an innovative biomedical division that specializes in design, manufacturing and sale of medical equipment and other state-of-the-art products in Australia and across the world, Macquarie Health Corporation Pty Ltd continues to be at the forefront in the healthcare services sector.

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